Senior Schools

Witham Hall enjoys a proud tradition of pupils moving to a range of leading senior schools across the country. In recent years these have included: Eton, Millfield, Oakham, Oundle, QM York, Repton, Rugby, Shrewsbury, Stamford, Stamford HS, Stowe and Uppingham. The very large majority of pupils remain at Witham Hall through until the end of Year 8 and then sit the Common Entrance exam; some pupils are awarded a place ahead of this through success in earlier examinations or in Academic Scholarship papers.

Witham Hall pupils have an outstanding record of Scholarship success across a range of disciplines - Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport or combinations of these. From an average Year 8 cohort of 33 pupils per year, 44 Scholarships have been awarded to Witham Hall pupils over the course of the last 3 years. In 2020 awards were achieved as follows:

Rose Allport Oundle Sports Exhibition
Millie Atkinson Oakham Sports Scholarship
Isabelle Blythe Oakham Academic Exhibition
Bunny Bingham Oundle  General Scholarship
Jack Buik Oundle  General Scholarship
Mollie Deaton Repton CB Fry Exhibition
Lilia Dunn  Millfield All-Rounder Scholarship
Lilia Dunn  Millfield Sport Scholarship
Henry Farmer Oundle General Scholarship
Matilda Halford Uppingham Thring Scholarship
James Hayle Oakham Art Scholarship
Rosie Johnson Oakham Academic Scholarship
Rosie Johnson Oakham All-Rounder Scholarship
Izzy Leverton Repton Art Scholarship
Harry Ludiman Ampleforth   Basil Hume Scholarship
Eliza Mardon Oundle Academic Scholarship
Eliza Mardon Oundle Sports Scholarship
Shivali Patel Oundle Sports Scholarship
Shivali Patel Oundle Academic Exhibition
Freddie St John Oakham  Sport Scholarship
Charlotte Welch Uppingham Drama Scholarship
Emma Wheeler Stamford Art Scholarship
Emma Wheeler Stamford Drama Scholarship