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Tue 22 Sept 2015 The Begining

A presentation held in the Stimson Hall by Mr Jack Clarke (School Partnership Director of United World Schools) for some parents and to the whole school. This included our exciting and bespoke partnership with the Kiri Bah Ler community in remote, northern Cambodia.

Fri 16 Oct 2015 Raise the Roof

Today saw the beginning of the children’s fundraising to build the school in Kiri Bah Ler. Each child from Years 2 to 8 was provided with £5. With this £5, the children were encouraged to invest in an enterprise that would make more money.
For example the children could use the £5 to buy some sponges, soap and a bucket and make money by washing cars. I wonder which enterprise will raise the most?

Mon 02 Nov 2015 Choosing teachers

The community of Kiri Bah Ler is really excited about the prospect of their first school and this photo shows the village meeting. The Elders were selecting who would be the two local teachers to be trained up by UWS and when they would start.

09 Nov 2015
Construction starts As the wet season is over and the weather has dried up, construction is starting this week and the photo shows all the wood laid out, dried and ready to be used.
Fri 20 Nov 2015 Enterprise Challenge

Friday gave an opportunity for children to sell items from their £5 Enterprise Challenge in the Lyons Hall. The event was very well attended and there was an eclectic mix of items for sale from honey and sweets to bracelets and ironmongery. There was even a shoe shining stall! Well done to everyone who had a stall and equally to those who supported their ventures; we look forward to seeing how much you raised.

Fri 27 Nov 2015 UWS Founder, Chris Howarth, Video Presentation

There is much excitement in the village of Kiri Bah Ler about the new school that the Witham Hall community are funding. United World School Founder, Chris Howarth, made a video
from his last visit to the village, which will hopefully bring the project more to life. You can view the video here:

Fri 15 Jan 2016 Kiri Bah Ler Update Assembly

As the pictures show the school structure is going up really quickly and all the furniture is ready to go in when the base is secure and dried. The community hope to finish the school in the next two weeks which will mean the village chief can then perform a traditional ceremony to officially open it.

Thu 21 Apr 2016 Kiri Bah Ler School is complete!

We are really excited to be able to share with you the latest photos of our school in Kiri Bah Ler.  Thanks to the children’s fundraising efforts, the school has recently been completed and the whole community has been extremely excited about its opening. 

As you can see from the photographs, the children found it difficult to contain their excitement on the first day of school.   The children do not have to wear a uniform, but lots of the parents and children are so proud that they are going to school they choose to wear a white shirt and a blue lower layer.  For many children this will be their only change of clothes from the set they wear to farm in.

Witham children all showed commitment to fundraising in the Enterprise Initiative earlier in the year.  We thank you, your families and friends for your continued support as we raise further funds in our pledge to support our partner school through the fun run.  We should feel proud that we have enabled the school in Kiri Bah Ler to be built and enjoy seeing the Kiri Bah Ler children have the opportunity to learn. 

Fri 29 Apr 2016 Fun Run for Kiri Bah Ler

Cambodian flags and children dressed up in red, white and blue rallied in the tennis courts in preparation for our sponsored fun run on Friday.  It was lovely to see the children make such a fantastic effort in order to continue to support our partner school in Kiri Bah Ler, Stung Treng, Cambodia.

The Prep children set off on the course first, closely followed by the Pre-Prep children and it was great to see so many parents running along side them!

From the 3-legged racers to the sprinters and first timers, everyone managed to both enjoy and complete the course.  There were some excellent fancy dress outfits and even an appearance from the seven dwarves!

On display at the event, were recent photographs and information about Kiri Bah Ler School, which showed how, through the support of the Witham community, we sustain the ongoing opportunity for children in Kiri Bah Ler to learn and thrive.

Wed 29 Jun 2016 Pupils Show Off Their Cambodia Posters 

In our last extended mentor meetings, groups were set a global initiative challenge.  This was to create posters, collating information that the pupils had discovered about Cambodia.  This was a fitting conclusion to our recently held International Theme week celebrating diversity and different cultures around the world.
The pupils had a chance to show off their eye-catching posters in the final house meeting of the year and it was amazing to see the amount of information that had been found out about Cambodia, its people, customs, food, landmarks and more!
Every pupil who showed initiative in researching Cambodia will now be able to have a Global Initiative challenge entry put into their WHOLE passports.  Well done!

Nov 2016
United World Schools Gala Dinner at the Globe, London Mrs Kay was delighted to be invited to attend the United World Schools Gala Dinner at the Globe in London. The efforts of Witham Hall School were celebrated and we were privileged to be chosen as the only school to represent education at this prestigious event.
Mon 05 Dec 2016 Government-funded teachers and Children get new schoolbags filled with pens, paper and workbooks

Following the start of the new school year in Cambodia this month, I wanted to give you a quick update from our UWS Kiri Bah Ler School which opened for the new academic year on 1st November.
Though community teachers have been leading lessons in the school throughout the monsoon, the start of the new school year means government-funded teachers will now be working in Kiri Bah Ler, focussing on the national curriculum and preparation for national exams.  Children have been busy practicing reading in Khmer in preparation for the literacy tests they'll be sitting in the new year. To help them prepare, they have been given new UWS schoolbags filled with pens, paper and workbooks, as well as access to lots of new books in the school library.
It goes without saying that none of this would be possible without the continued support of all of us at Witham Hall. It's fantastic to see how many children are now attending the school each day and I look forward to keeping you updated on the school's further progress in the new year. 

Mon 05 Dec 2016 Donated funds during Christmas festivities

A collective £1300 was kindly donated following Pre Prep nativity and Christmas Concert performances.

Tue 10 Mar 2017

Fancy Dress Day

On Friday the school swapped their uniforms for costumes and held a fancy dress day for raising funds for our partner school in Kiri Bah Ler, Cambodia. There were princesses, Power Rangers, Jamie Vardys…you name it, someone was probably dressed as it!
The total money raised for the day was over £500, which helps with our ongoing financial commitment to the Kiri Bah Ler school.
Thank you to all of your efforts towards the day.

Fri 28 Apr 2017 The Monsoon run

The Monsoon run was a great success with the children really enjoying the different focus this year.  Well done to Lyons house, who managed to retain the most water in their cups and were victorious team on the day. The Friends of Witham ran stalls with cakes, refreshments and games which were very much appreciated.  Thanks to everyone who supported this event to continue to raise funds for our school in Kiri Bah Ler. The amount raised was £5775.85.

Thu 04 May 2017 Cheese and Wine

Mr Blake and Mrs Kay shared stories of their adventures and experiences in Kiri Bah Ler, Cambodia to a receptive audience of Witham parents and friends.  The talk was part of the Cheese and Wine ticketed event celebrating the opening of the new sports centre. The guests had the opportunity to sample, buy and seek advice on a selection of wines. This event raised a further £820 for Kiri Bah Ler.

Fri 12 May 2017 Mrs Kay and Mr Blake visit Kiri Bah Ler

We arrived at the river and boarded a raft made of three narrow boats topped with a roughly boarded planks. The journey across the river was smooth and we were soon on the other side, scrambling up the bank. The rest of the journey took about half an hour, holding on to the moto for dear life as we navigated hills, hollows and huge puddles, whilst our drivers skillfully balanced our rucksacks between their feet. The road, we were told, had recently been 'fixed', but everybody thought it would wash away when the rainy season arrived. Small settlements flashed by giving us a flavour of the village life that we were going to immerse ourselves in over the next few days.

We rode into a small village and were greeted by a long avenue of children. We had arrived in Kiri Bah Ler! The whole village had come out to meet us and the children were all dressed in their school uniforms, even though it was a Sunday. They sang us a welcome song as Sally and I walked slowly down the lines of smiling children that led to the steps of the school. I have to say it was a really emotional moment.

We took our shoes off at the steps and up we went to the veranda of the school with the hoards of children all chatting loudly in their own Kavet language. Steven, our translator, sat them all down and Sally and I stood at the front and were formally welcomed by the chief of the surrounding ten villages. He explained, through Steven, that before the school was built they had nothing; their children could not read or write. Now that the school was built,their children have a place to come and learn. He was incredibly grateful to Witham Hall and for Sally and I coming to visit. Sally and I talked later about the welcome the village had given us and we both became choked with emotion as the reality of seeing first hand what the fundraising of the Witham Hall community had achieved hit home.

Sept 2018 Monsoon Damage

We were disappointed to learn that the unusually heavy monsoon has had quite an impact on our school in Cambodia, with sanitation, the structure of the building and access to the village all being heavily affected.

Fri 12 Oct 2018 Fund Raising Event

Every Witham Hall School child took home a sponge and Sponsorship poster to raise funds for resources, building materials and sanitation for the Kiri Bah Ler School.  The children were encouraged to wash everything from cars to pets, windows floors and many types of equipment.

Tue 27 Nov 2018 Washathon Success

Mrs Kay was pleased to announce in an assembly that efforts from our ‘Washathon’ had raised over £2500 and that Lyons House had raised the most money and therefore would earn the most house points.


Future Events

Lent 2019 An update from Mr Jack Clark - United World Schools

We look forward to Jack Clark from United World Schools coming into school next term to share an update of how our money is being used to the benefit of the children and community of Kiri Bah Ler.




  Cheese and Wine