Girls' Uniform List

Witham Hall School

Girls’ Prep Clothing List: Years 4-8

All items of school clothing (including keys, hairbrushes, combs, all footwear and sports equipment, i.e. squash racquets, cricket bats etc) should be plainly marked.  Wristwatches and pens should be clearly marked.  Please do not send expensive articles to school.  Cash’s woven nametape forms are available from Matron or the School Office.  No jewellery should be worn except for PLAIN stud earrings if required.  Please be aware that for special occasions (Speech Days etc) all girls are required to wear their grey kilts with a blue shirt.

All Year

Description Tick list Colour Remarks
School Blazer   Blue  
Waterproof Coat   Navy with logo  
Kilt   Grey Years 7 & 8 (see below Years 4-6)
Jumper   Grey with trim  
Black Shoes (not suede)   Black  
Black schoolbag (Yrs 5-8 (named on outside)   Black  

Michaelmas and Lent Term

Description Tick list Colour Remarks
Tie   School Colour  
Blouse (long sleeved)   Blue Years 4-8 (inclusive)
Kilt   Grey Years 4-6
Socks (Long)   Grey  
Tights   Charcoal Grey  
Fleece Scarf   Navy with logo  
Fleece Hat   Navy with logo  
Fleece Gloves   Navy  

Trinity Term

Description Tick list Colour Remarks
Dress   Navy Gingham Years 4-6
Blouse (Short Sleeved)   Blue Years 7 & 8
Ankle Socks   Navy  

Summer uniform is compulsory from 1st May.  During the first few weeks of the Trinity term either summer or winter uniform may be worn as the weather is so unpredictable. 

Please note that Years 7&8 have the same as winter uniform (grey kilt) but short sleeved blue shirt with open style collar and no tie.