Pre-Prep Girls’ Uniform & Games Kit – Reception, Year 1 & 2

Witham Hall School

Please ensure that every item of clothing is clearly marked with name tapes.

All Year

Description Tick list Colour Remarks
School Blazer   Blue Optional up to Year 4
Waterproof Coat   Navy with logo  
Jumper or Cardigan   Grey with trim  
Waterproof painting overall (long-sleeved)   Navy   
Black Shoes (not patent or suede)   Black  
Pair of pants/pair of socks (in case of emergencies     Reception and Year 1 only
Bookbag   Navy with logo  


Description Tick list Colour Remarks
Tie   School Colour Elasticated up to Year 3
Blouse (long sleeved)   Blue  
Pinafore Dress   Grey  
Socks (long)   Grey  
Fleece Gloves   Navy  
Fleece Hat   Navy with Logo  
Fleece Scarf   Navy with Logo  


Description Tick list Colour Remarks
Dress   Navy gingham  
Socks (short)   Navy  
Witham Hall Baseball Cap   Navy with Logo  

Games Uniform

Description Tick list Colour Remarks
Polo Shirt   Navy and Sky  
Fleece   Navy  with logo  
Tracksuit Bottoms   Navy  
Shorts   Navy  
Games Socks   Sky and navy hoops Year 2 only
Ankle Socks   White  
Plimsolls   Black  
Velcro fastening trainers      
PE Bag (large drawstring)   Navy