Boarding Girls’ Uniform List

Witham Hall Michaelmas and Lent Terms

Girls Boarders


1. Parent to tick

2. Matron to tick at beginning of term

1 2 Check List - Uniform Remarks
    1 x Blazer  
    1 Pair of Black Shoes  
    2 x Witham Hall School Ties  
    2 x Grey Kilts  
    4 x Blue Long Sleeve Shirts  
    2 x Witham Hall Jumpers  
    6 x Pairs of Grey Socks/Tights  
    6 Pairs of Pants  
    2 Pairs of Pyjamas/Nighties  
    1 x Dressing Gown  
    1 Pair of Slippers (not novelty)  
    2 Duvet Covers  
    2 Pillow Cases  
    1 Single Duvet (optional)  
    1 Shower Towel Hanging loop on long side
    1 Hairbrush and Comb  
    Hanging Sponge Bag (Toothbrush. Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Cap etc.) All named with marker pen
    1 set of 'Play Clothes' Taken home to be washed on Saturdays

All items must be individually named