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Visualised as a tree, the WHOLE has as its ‘roots’ the Core Curriculum undertaken by the pupils on a daily basis. ‘Above ground’ the tree grows to represent the WHOLE, this being the sum of the following four parts:The launch of the Witham Hall Overall Learning Experience (WHOLE) formalises the opportunities through which every Witham pupil, encouraged by their teachers and underpinned by their personal ambitions and expectations, seeks to maximise their engagement, commitment and achievement both in and beyond the classroom. In doing so, every Witham pupil thereby has the opportunity, naturally and progressively, to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that will serve them well throughout their lives.

  • The Wider Curriculum
  • Classroom Extension
  • Clubs, Activities and Enrichment
  • Community (School and Beyond)

The WHOLE not only provides Witham pupils with the very best overall learning experience, but additionally, through the individual ‘Passport’ that every boy and girl between Years 2 and 8 will have, formally records engagement and achievement across all disciplines. This in turn provides the children with an opportunity to gain recognition for their achievements at three different levels:

  • Bronze Award (Across Years 2 & 3)
  • Silver Award (Across Years 4 & 5)
  • Gold Award (Across Years 6 & 7)

In Year 8, their final year, the children will take on an ambassadorial role, supporting and encouraging those below them in their endeavours. At the end of Years 3 and 5, the Headmaster and Head of Co-Curricular Activities will select and recognise the children who they consider to have produced the most compelling Passport at Bronze and Silver levels. Gold award holders will be presented with a blazer pin badge denoting their achievement, and Passports will be presented to children leaving the school on Speech Day.

The WHOLE seeks to enhance and develop key principles of our co-curriculum by:

  • encouraging the pupils to develop existing interests and engage in new experiences, promoted by day-to-day opportunities, fieldwork, Theme Weeks (Pre-Prep) and Enrichment Weeks (Prep);
  • promoting pupil independence, enjoyment of discovery, leadership, entrepreneurship, self-reliance, problem solving and an appreciation of their own and others’ talents;
  • promoting knowledge, skills and understanding that will last for life;
  • promoting and encourage broader issues of good citizenship (ESR); and
  • promoting an awareness of the wider community (both at and beyond Witham), developing sustainable overseas links for our children, and encouraging a strong sense of service to others within the children.

In promoting the appropriate levels of engagement, commitment and achievement across a breadth of opportunities, each pupil is encouraged to gain their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. In turn, we encourage parents to be closely involved in the approach their children take to the WHOLE and thereby their individual Passport. Through the website, parents will have access to the tools (the ‘Tree’ (.pdf), the Model Passport (.pdf) and further information) used in this process and we encourage your guidance and involvement in the choices, and consequent journey, that your children make.

Ultimately we hope that every child, through their endeavours, will leave us with a compelling, bespoke record of their skills and experiences that will serve them well at every stage of their lives.