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From September 2023


Tuition & Weekly Boarding £9,225 per term
Medical Honorarium  £12.50 per term
Day Tuition £6,850 per term
Boarding for one night per week £725 per term
Pre-Prep Tuition Fee (Reception & Year 1) £4,050 per term
Pre-Prep Tuition Fee (Years 2 & 3) £4,525 per term
Pre-Prep Crèche See wraparound care
Music & Drama Individual Tuition Fee £310 per term

All fees are payable on or before the first day of term for which they are due. The fee includes all stationery and meals, the only extras being for individual tuition, coaches, outings and other minor disbursements.

A full term’s notice is required before a child leaves the School. A term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice.

Early Years Entitlement

Children up to and including the term that they reach the age of 5 are eligible for free early years provision for up to 15 hours a week, funded by Lincolnshire County Council.

For those children that are accessing the Early Years Entitlement, any additional hours will be charged as follows:

Michaelmas Term 2023 £3,254 per term
Lent Term 2024 £3,387 per term
Trinity Term 2024 £3,321 per term
Hours of EYE delivery are: 9am to 12pm weekdays (3 hours)

Parents will not be required to purchase additional hours in order to secure free provision.

Advance payments will not be requested from those parents accessing EYE hours only.

There is now also a requirement for parents to sign a contract in order to receive the early years' free sessions.


An initial payment of £1,400 is required for each child, paid on acceptance of the offer of a place. This money is credited against your last account with any surplus refunded.

Family Reduction

While two siblings are both in the Prep School, there is a 5% fee reduction in the Tuition Fee for the eldest child.

While three siblings are in the School (be that Pre-Prep or Prep), there is also a 5% reduction applied to the youngest child.

The discounts apply only while the conditions are met.


A Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is offered.