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School Officials


Head Girl
Theone G
Head Boy
Gus W
Deputy Head Girl
Minna J
Deputy Head Boy
Josh G
Chair of School Council
Lola T
Emily H
  Harry D
  Jamie O
  Matilda J
  Macsen T
  Lara P
  Sol W
Captains of Banks
Henry G-O and Cecily G-J
Captains of Lyons
Tilly M-T and Oscar D
Captains of Maitland
Libby Y-C and Henry T
Captains of Tate
Victoria B and Macsen T
Chair of Boarding Council
Christophe M and Ted H
Head Chorister
Theone G
Captain of Drums
Henry G-O
Band Leaders
Christophe M and Emily H
Captains of Hockey
Issy R
Captain of Rugby
Henry G-O
String Leaders
Suri P and Victoria B
Captains of Drama
Victoria B and Nate M