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Nutrition and Catering

If you ask a sample of children what is best about Witham, food nearly always gets a mention. All of our meals are prepared by our in-house catering team under the leadership of Witham legend, 'Steph the Chef'. Wherever possible, our menus include locally-sourced food, and we are committed to offering fresh, nutritionally balanced options that meet dietary needs and keep our community fuelled. Please click on our menus below to see what is on offer.

Children are fuelled by healthy fare from 'Steph the Chef', and the custard, we are told secretively by one parent, is 'better than Granny's'.

As well as the food itself, we feel mealtimes are a key part of fostering a sense of community. The Pre-Prep children sit together with family-style service where the older children serve our youngest pupils. In the Prep, pupils transition to cafeteria-style service, but they continue to share their meals in the company of staff and peers to catch up on their day and practise good table manners.