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Outdoor Learning

From the youngest pupils in Reception and Year 1 to the pupils in Years 7 and 8, the benefits of Outdoor Learning in our curriculum and extra-curricular programme are evident. The ethos of this learning is based upon a fundamental curiosity and respect for the world around us. Our Wilderness Area is always a hive of activity, enjoyed and continually developed by the pupils and Children’s Woodland Adventures with whom we work.  

In Reception and Year 1, the pupils have regular Outdoor Learning afternoons as a vital part of their curriculum. From Years 2 through to Year 8, the pupils can then opt into Bushcraft and Outdoor Learning sessions as part of the extra-curricular programme. In addition, outdoor learning days to encourage team-building are held for year groups in the Prep School.

Activities link to curriculum areas, such as story-telling or creative and expressive arts, but they also fulfil many aspects of pupils’ social and emotional learning: working co-operatively, problem-solving, communication, social interaction and, most importantly, self-confidence. In addition, fine and gross motor skills are developed while learning to build dens, light fires safely and cook using outdoor materials.