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Pre-Prep FAQs

What time are drop-off and pick-up?

Pre-Prep drop-off is from 0815 to 0830 each morning and pick-up is at 1530. If your child is taking part in an after-school club or activity, they will finish at either 1600 or 1700. There is also a crèche available until 1800 each day.

How do I book my child into crèche?

If your child is not taking part in an after-school club, but you would like to collect them at 1715, you can book a place in the crèche by emailing your child's Class Teacher. Crèche can be booked on a regular or one-off basis to suit your family's needs and runs until 1800 each day.

Please see the fees page for Crèche costs.

Where do I buy school uniform?

The School Uniform Shop is onsite and is open on Monday mornings from 0800 to 1000 and on Wednesday afternoons from 1500 to 1730. Please visit the School Uniform page for more information.

The Friends of Witham Second Hand Uniform Shop is open on Monday mornings after morning drop-off and is located upstairs in the Girls' Boarding House. For queries, please email 

When do children start playing in competitive matches?

Pupils begin taking part in competitive matches against other schools in Year 3. There are a huge number of opportunities for children to participate in sport across the PE curriculum, in Games and in co-curricular Clubs and Activities. For more information, please visit the Sport page.

Will my child learn a musical instrument?

Music lessons are taught by specialist staff as part of the curriculum from Reception through Year 8, but many children also take additional music or drama lessons to complement the curriculum. For more information, please visit the Arts page or contact the Director of Music.

When will my child start learning a foreign language?

French is taught by specialist staff to every year group from Reception through to Year 8. Latin is introduced in Year 5 when children reach the Prep School. There are opportunities to explore other modern languages such as Spanish and Italian in after-school clubs.